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Karmayogi Shri Siddhavinayakji Bondre

Founder Chairman

Dear Technocrats,

It gives me immense pleasure to give you a glimpse of our world of engineering education. It is not so long ago that the engineering college was established at a small place like Chikhli. Chikhli is a small but progressive and modern town in the state of Maharashtra. It has occupied its place of pride on the map of the country through the Anuradha Engineering College. In 1993 the engineering college was established by me and my efficient and admirable colleagues with a view to provide quality education to the young generation of our country. My vision of engineers is not only of an efficient technocrat, but a complete and matured human being who can contribute to the development of the nation by the knowledge and skills he acquires during his studies. Human beings can be thought to be complete only if they owe a certain degree of responsibility towards their society and work relentlessly to fulfill them. We at Anuradha Nagar campus are in pursuit to develop such dedicated work force for the nation.

To achieve these objectives, we have developed learning facilities in a very congenial atmosphere conducive to learning. Our Institution has got ISO 9001:2000 Certificate which indicates that the institute is going towards quality education to meet global education standards. We hope that well developed facilities in Anuradha Nagar campus will help you to grow into a proud alumni of our college. Needless to say that we will always be with you in your request to advance your career and make our institution and our country proud.

Wishing you all the best for your bright future with us.

Karmayogi Shri Siddhavinayakji Bondre

Founder Chairman of PRMSS