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Activities Performed:

1) A healthy body harbours a healthy mind, The institution believes in this dictum and hence we have provided ultramodern sports facilities in the sports complex of national status in the campus.

2) There are three badminton courts of international standards and separate playgrounds for Football,Volleyball,Basketball, Kho-kho, Kabaddi, and Cricket.

3) The sports activities are conducted with great enthusiasm.

4) A number of university level matches are organized by our sport department in our Sport Complex.

5) An ultramodern gymnasium is also built in the sports complex to ensure physical fitness of the students.

6) The college arrange every Annual Sports Festivals Ashwamedh.

7) That include all types of sport competition.

8) The basis objective of this events to develop team spirit, promote the students to be away from bad habits and keep them physically fit almost all students takes parts in this festival enthusiastically.