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The department was established in 1994, offers graduate, postgraduate (M.Tech), and doctoral (Ph.D) courses in chemical engineering. There is a great demand of chemical engineers in a wide spectrum of industries like petroleum refineries, basic chemicals, fertilizers, soaps and detergents, cements, pharmaceuticals etc. Of late, chemical engineers are making rapid strides and playing key roles in various emerging fields of science and technology, nuclear engineering, biomedical engineering, etc.

The department provides basic knowledge of chemical engineering in addition to the technological understanding. The department also provides best supporting infrastructure for assimilation of new developments in the field. Latest equipments are made available in the laboratories to visualize the phenomenon under study and to Consolidate fundamentals of the subject. The department provide necessary professional training to the budding technocrafts by arranging lectures of the eminent personalities from the academic institutes of repute and industries. The department has well equipped laboratories namely chemical Engineering Operations, Industrial Waste Water Treatment, Membrane Separation Laboratory, Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Process Dynamic and Control, Chemical Engineering and Analytical Laboratory.

Testing facilities like Chemical analysis using Gas Chromatography and Water Quality Analysis are available in the department. The students of the final year of Chemical Engineering work on various latest and relevant topics like production of bio-diesel, application of membrane separation technology, crystallization and simulation studies of distillation column etc. The students also prepare the working model to represent their projects. The department actively promotes industry-institute interaction by offering consultancy services to the industries in the surrounding areas. Alumni of the department are well placed in reputed organization / industries in India and abroad and some of them are pursuing higher educational abroad. Chemical Engineering Student Association (ChESA) provides platform for exchange of knowledge and information through interaction and organizes a National level Technical Paper Presentation every year.


The department of Chemical Engineering is offering a full time four semester post graduate programme (M.Tech.) in core Chemical Engineering. The M.Tech. programme was started in 2008. The curriculum of course has been designed after consultation with eminent persons from reputed institutes and with experts from the industries. The course covers the modern subject like Advanced Separation Techniques, Advanced Biochemical Engineering, Advanced Process Control, Chemoinformatics and Nanotechnology. The main objective if this programme is to provide an opportunity to graduate engineers for enhancing their skills which open career avenues in research and development institutes, engineering industries and multinational companies in Chemical engineering fields.

The programme focuses on extensive applications Chemical engineering in the field of Advanced Chemical analysis, material sciences, paper & pulp technology, membrane technology, biotechnology, chemoinformatics etc. it also focuses on field problems and case studies related to environmental engineering and waste treatment. In this programme, the young graduates are exposed to professional training, knowledge by arranging expert lectures of the eminent personalities from academic and industries. The students are assigned industry based projects for final semester examination. The patent application of one of the faculty members accepted by the Indian patent office and gazetted. The M.Tech. programme is poised to take a giant leap forward in future in terms of innovative and quality research output of international recognition.


To put department of Chemical Engineering on global network and to facilitate better communication with industrialists, educationalists, entrepreneurs, alumni.


To produce quality Chemical engineers to suit various industries, organizations, and to promote technology & society symbiosis.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  • To make students able to work in chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food processing industry, biotechnology polymer and plastic industry.
  • To prepare the students for advanced study and research in chemical engineering and its allied field.
  • To ensure our students are recognized for excellence and leadership and selected for high-ranking industrial, academic, government and other professional positions.
  • To encourage the students to understand importance of lifelong learning, professionalism and social responsibilities

Program Outcomes (POs)

  • Ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, Science and engineering for the solution of Chemical Engineering problem.
  • Ability to identify, formulate and solve chemical engineering and process design problems.
  • To train the students to design systems, components, or processes within realistic constraints such as economic, social, ethical, environmental, health, and safety.
  • To train the students in, formulating, and solving chemical engineering problems by using modern engineering tools and techniques (software and computational skills).
  • Ability to include social, cultural, ethical issues with engineering solutions
  • Ability to consider impact of engineering solutions on environment and the need for sustainable development.
  • Ability to function effectively on multidisciplinary teams.
  • Ability to communicate effectively.
  • Knowledge and understanding principles of management and finance in relation to engineering projects.
  • Appreciation of technical change and the need for independent life learning.
  • To prepare the students for advanced study and research in chemical engineering and its allied field.
  • To ensure our students are recognized for excellence and leadership and selected for high-ranking industrial, academic, government and other professional positions.

Details Of Faculty Members

Prof. Vijay D. Gurudasani

Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualification: B.Tech (Chemical Engineering), M.Tech (Chemical Engineering), Ph.D (Pursuing)

E-mail id:

Experience: Teaching – 20 Years Industry - 04 Years

Dr. S. K. Deokar

Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualification: B.Tech. (Polymer Technology), M. Tech (Chemical Engineering)

E-mail id:

Experience: Teaching: 08 Years Industry: 06 Years

Prof. J. K. Shinde

Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualification: B.Tech (Chemical Engineering), M.Tech (Chemical Engineering)

E-mail id:

Experience: 16.5 years

Prof. Sachin E. Borhade

Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualification: B. E. (Chemical Engineering) , M.Tech (Chemical Engineering)

E-mail id:

Experience: Teaching: 10 Years Industry: 02 Years

Prof. Lokesh T. Lonare

Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualification: B.Tech (Chemical Technology), M.Tech (Chemical Engineering), Ph.D

E-mail id:

Experience: Teaching: 11 Years Industry: 01 Years

Dr. Abhinav Bajpai

Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualification: B.Tech, M.Tech.(Chemical Engineering)

E-mail id:

Experience: Teaching: 04 Years Industry: 01 Years

Prof. S. D. Kale

Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualification: B.E.( Chemical Engineering), M.Tech. (Chemical Engineering)

E-mail id:

Experience: Teaching: 02 Years Industry: 04 Years

Prof. Akash K. Khare

Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualification: B.Tech (Chemical Engineering), M.Tech (Chemical Engineering)

E-mail id:

Experience: Teaching: 02 Years Industry: 04 Years


The Department has well equipped laboratories namely.

1) Chemical Engineering Operations,

2) Industrial Waste Treatment,

3) Membrane Separation Laboratory ,

4) Heat Transfer, Mass Transfer

5) Fluid Flow Operations

6) Process Dynamics & Control

7) Chemical Reaction Engineering


1) Chemical Reaction Engineering (CRE)

2) Chemical Engineering Operation(CEO)


1) Process Dynamic And Control

2) Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

2) Mass Transfer


1) Fluid Flow Operations

2) Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics


1) Machine Design & Drawing.

Major equipment available in the department

1) Spectrophotometer

2) Microfiltration setup

3) Fermenter

4) Colorimeter

5) Digital refractometer

6) Muffle furnace

7) Hot air oven

8) Bubble cap distillation unit

9) Packed column distillation unit

10)CSTR in series

B.E. Final Year Topper Students

Summer 2021-22

Sr. No Name of Students CGPA
1. Sayyed shahid Tamboli 9.23
2. Dhiraj K Mahajan 9.06
3. Tushar S Patil 8.72

Summer 2020-21

Sr. No Name of Students CGPA
1. Ku Pooja G Theng 9.87
2. Ankit S Gondane 9.82
3. Shaikh Mukshif Sk Atique 9.67

Summer 2018

Sr. No Name of Students CGPA
1. Mr.Saurabh K.Bidwai 8.24
2. Ms.Sanyukta S.katkar 8.14
3. Ms.Aboli A.Telgote 8.10

M.Tech Final Year Topper Students

Sr. No Year Name of Students CGPA
1. 2017 Result Awaited -
2. 2016 Mehandra Ghewande 8.05
3. 2015 Ms. Priyanka Chandankar 7.20
3. 2014 Mr.Rahul Amrute 7.90
3. 2013 Ms.Priyanka Thombre 7.78

Guest Lectures

M.Tech Final Year Topper Students

Sr. No Date Name of Guest Topics
1. 1 Sept 2017 Dr. R.S. Sapkal
Head of Chemical Technology
UDCT Amravati,
Role of Engineering in Society
2. 31 March 2016 Mr. Nakul Jaju (MBA, IIM Ahmadabad) Guidance for preparation of Competitive Exam
3. 5 sept 2015 Dr. Sachin Mandawgane Associate professor Chemical Engineering Department VNIT , Nagpur Green energy
4. 26 Sept 2015 Mr. Mukesh Kaidalwar General Manager Process Enginerring Department Sudarshan Chemical Ltd Roha (M.S.) 26 Sept 2015 Role of Chemical Engg in Industries.
5. 9 Oct 2013 Dr. Anant Samdani Scope of Chemical Industries

1. Department has chemical students association (ChESA).

2. ChESA organises various technical events like

3. Engineer’s day celebration on 15th September 2015.

4. Guest lectures of eminent persons from industry/ institute

5. Regional/ National level conferences

Alumni Batch

Sr. No. Year Name of Student Placement Designation
1. 2013 Abhijeet Surjuse Field Engineer Anacon Lab Nagpur Field Engineer
2. 2013 Avinash Jadhav Lupin Ltd , Tarapur (M.S.) Production Engineer
3. 2013 Rohit Gavhane M/S Sarex Overseas. Midc Tarapur Officer
4. 2013 Sarang Shirbhaiye Morarji Textiles Ltd Nagpur (M.S.) Production Engineer
5. 2013 Ravi Tarmale Whital Lab Ltd Vapi (GJ) Officer
6. 2013 Kalyan Tayde Whital Lab Ltd Vapi (GJ) Production Engineer
7. 2013 Rahul Tarar Pfizer Ltd Aurangabad (M.S) Production Engineer
8. 2014 Sunil Chavan Production Engineer at Radico NV Distilleries Maharashtra Ltd Production Engineer
9. 2014 Piyush Soni Marketing Engineer at Kinum Engineering Industries Marketing Engineer
10. 2014 Sunil Shirkar K.Patel Phypho Extraction ltd Vapi (G.J.) Production Engineer
11. 2014 Abhijeet Ghaskat Hospira ltd Production Engineer
12. 2014 Ankush Kawaikar Radiant Ltd Aurangabad (M.S.) Production Engineer
13. 2014 Dinesh Sawarkar Wockhart Ltd Aurangabad (M.S.) Production Engineer

Staff Achievement

Dr. Swapnil Dharaskar, Assistant Professor selected as Editorial Board Member on Int. J. Chem. Separation Technol., Int. J. Green Chemistry, USA.

Paper Publication in Journals:

Sr. No. Name of Staff National Journal International Journal
1. Prof. V. D. Gurudasani 01 02
1. Prof. A. V. Gawali 03 11
1. Prof. J. K. Shinde 00 01
1. Dr. S. A. Dharaskar 02 26
1. Mr. M. A. Quazi 00 01
1. Mr. P. K. Badukale 00 01
1. Mr. R. R. Burde 00 01

Students Achievements

Congratulations to Avantika Patil & Sonal Kokate for being selected in CMS Info Systems Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai as Trainee Engineer.

Sachin Tarone secured (3rd Rank) and Avantika Patil secured (5th Rank) in 7th Semester B.Tech Chemical Examination in S.G.B. Amravati University.

Mahesh Amrutkar & Sulochan Tayade has participated and presented research paper in National Conference on “Recent Trends in Chemical Engineering” organized by Department Chemical Engineering, VNIT, Nagpur (M.S) India.

Ms. Sonal Kokate & Mahesh Amrutkar has attended three days workshop on “Recent Trends in Nano-Membrane Technology” organized by Department of Chemical Engineering VNIT, Nagpur (M.S) India.