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Dr. Chandrakant Bothe

Chief AI Tech officer/ Co-founder
Foviatech GmbH, Hamburg Germany
Pass Batch 2011

It has been great pleasure to be part of Anuradha Engineering College, Chikhli. The College has played an important role in my personality development and career building. The college and department in particular has always been helpful and encouraging. I owe my success to the college and wish the college all the success in the future.

Bharti Shinde

Pursuing M.S.
University of Central Arkansas, Conway, USA
Pass Batch 2011

I believe that the achievement of an organization is a result of combined efforts of each individual. This is something that I learnt at AEC, Chikhli. The place that helped me build not only my career but an ambition that was fulfilled by the support of everyone. AEC believed in its students and that’s what makes this college stand out among others.

Vinayak Kadam

Lt Commander (Retired)
Indian Navy
Pass Batch 2001

I feel extremely grateful and proud to be an alumni of AEC, Chikhali. The institute prepared me for success in life with many learnings, beyond the engineering degree. The institute was forthcoming to support me in many ways during and after the studies. Heartfelt thanks to the Institute and best wishes for creating successful engineers for the world.

Manoj Wankhede

Mechanical engineering
Batch 2003

Dear Anuradha College of Engineering Community,

As an alumnus of Anuradha College of Engineering, I am immensely grateful for the exceptional environment provided by the college, which played a crucial role in my personal and professional development. The college's commitment to fostering student growth is evident through the numerous opportunities it offers, allowing us to explore and excel in our chosen fields.

The dedicated and supportive staff have always gone above and beyond to help students, ensuring we had the resources and guidance needed to succeed. Auradha College of Engineering also serves as a beacon of quality education for students from nearby cities, offering them the chance to pursue their dreams and aspirations.

To the current students, seize the opportunities before you and make the most of your time here. To the faculty and staff, thank you for your unwavering support and dedication. I am proud to be an alumnus of such a distinguished institution and look forward to witnessing its continued impact on future generations.

With sincere appreciation,

Ragini Sinha

General manager John Deere, Delhi
Passout- 2006

As an alumnus of Anuradha Engineering College, I cherish the memories of my time there. From late-night study sessions to spirited campus events, it was a place where lifelong friendships were forged. The guidance of passionate professors and the cutting-edge curriculum equipped me with the skills to thrive in my career. I am proud to be part of the legacy of excellence that Anuradha Engineering College upholds.

Dr Nitin More

Associate Professor,
MIT ADT University, Pune.

As an alumnus of Anuradha Engineering College, Amravati University, graduating in 2007, I hold immense gratitude and pride for the education and experiences I gained during my time there. The college provided a robust foundation in engineering principles and fostered a culture of innovation and critical thinking.

The faculty's unwavering support and dedication were instrumental in shaping my career path, guiding me towards achieving my professional goals. Today, as I reflect on my journey, I recognize the invaluable role AEC played in my personal and professional development.

I encourage current students to seize every opportunity and strive for excellence, knowing that they are part of a legacy of excellence and innovation. To my fellow alumni, let us continue to uphold the banner of AEC and contribute to its growing reputation.

Wishing everyone at AEC continued success and a bright future.

Mr. Aarif Khan

Commissioning engineer,
SEPCO -3 ( K.S.A.)
Passout -2013

A few words for my A.E.C

Thank you for guiding me to achieve this success milestone. ...

"Your faith in me has shaped my academic journey. ...

"With immense gratitude, I recognize your support that helped turn my dreams into reality."

"Your guidance lit the path to my success. (Specially thanks for department of Chemical engineering department )

Pratiksha Wankhede

Persuing Masters in AI
Graduate School Woosong University,
South Korea
Passout -2022

Anuradha Engineering College holds a special place in my heart. The campus environment is vibrant and conducive to learning, with state-of-the-art laboratories and a well-stocked library that serves as a treasure trove of resources. The college also emphasizes holistic development, encouraging participation in various extracurricular activities and technical fests that foster students’ leadership and teamwork abilities. I’m proud to be a graduate of such a prestigious college.