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Activities 2021-22

2.7.1 Students Satisfactory Survey

student satisfaction survey 2021-22

Activities 2020-21

1.1.1 SAMPLE FILES OF effective curriculum delivery

List of Practicals Third Semester EXTC Department Subject EDC Expt List 3rd sem
Teaching Plan IT Department Semester III Subject A_DE - Teaching Plan
Time_Table_Even_IT Department11-01-2021.pdf
Time_Table_OddSem_IT Department_17_06_2020.pdf
Work load _EVEN_SEMESTER_EXTC_2020-2021.pdf

1.1.3 Teachers of the Institution participate in BOS,ACADEMIC COUNCIL PAPER SETTING ASSESSMENT EVALUATION

1.1.3 FINAL
Participation in BoS _ aCADEMIC cOUNCIL
Participation in Curriculum Development-1
Participation in curriculum development


Alumni Feedback Analysis-2021
Online Alumni Meet 2021_Feedback
Parent Feedback _session 20_21 _Responses
Student feedback on Curriculum_session 2020_21_even sem _Responses
Student feedback on curriculum
Student satisfaction survey
Teachers feedback on Curriculum_session 2020_21_even sem _Responses_ _2
Teachers feedback on curriculam
student satisfaction survey 2020_21